Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Plot Thickens

Things are progressing slowly with regard to the MS. My biggest struggle is in developing the catalyst that brings my hero and heroine together in the first place. It is just out of reach and, despite the stops and starts, is weak compared to the rest of the chapters that are already written. I consider this a major blockage since, without this critical scene, the rest is just...pointless.

I have started to second guess every step I take. Am I capable of this? How do you flip the creative switch and make it happen?


  1. "I have started to second guess every step I take. Am I capable of this?"

    I asked this every step of the way and still ask this now. This is also the worst part about starting a new project.

    No switch for it. I just ignore it and push forward.

  2. Every time I hit a wall or let too much time go between writing sessions I think about this. If I can finally break through one wall it seems to flow. But there are a lot of stops and starts.

  3. It is exhausting. I just became good at ignoring that second guessing voice. At least until I have what I needed to say out.

  4. I'm trying to do that...I think I am getting better at it.


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