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~ I am currently not providing these services. Thank you for your previous patronage. ~

eBook Formatting Pricing:
Smashwords, generic E-pub & Mobi Formatting are based on word count:

$20.00 for <15,000 words (short story)
$35.00 for 15,000 to 40,000 words (novella)
$50.00 for 40,000 to 70,000 words (short novel)
$65.00 for 70,000+ words (full-length novel)

Re-Formatting requests (due to author errors/changes): $25.00

Smashwords formatting includes: Formatting of manuscript is based on the Smashwords Premium Distribution Style Guide. Author will receive a clean .doc file that can be loaded to Smashwords for conversion/distribution.

Generic E-pub & Mobi formatting includes: Author will receive four files upon completion of the formatting: a pdf, an epub file with and without cover (used at Nook, Apple, Kobo, etc), and a .mobi file (used at Amazon).

mobi (Kindle) – This is the format used by Amazon for their Kindle (ereader & apps). Author can upload the .mobi file directly on Amazon, or add it to a Kindle to verify the format is error free.

epub – This is the standard format used by most ereaders.

Print Pricing: Upon Request

I try to match cover fonts in the interior of print books whenever possible. While it is possible to obtain fonts for free, some require a commercial license when embedded in print books. If I need to purchase fonts, the cost will be passed on to the author.

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